Sunday, 4 November 2012

Futon Productions

Regular readers will know that I share my house with three salukis that are, not to put too fine a point on it, systematically destroying it. However, as they do so, they are rather thoughtfully providing me with a range of top-notch fly tying materials.

The best so far has been the shredded backing of my carpet, which makes for a superb midge pupal case imitation. If I could only have one fly to fish my small river, this, tied as a reverse parachute emerger, would be it.

Their latest addition to the fledgling Glassjet Fly Tying Supplies Domestic Debris range is the filling from my authentic Japanese futon - something they have long since claimed as their own, and which they have finally broken through the mattress cover to kindly present me with this:

futon futon2

My first thought was a Futon Nymph: Nymph Futon

Next, a trusty Reversed Parachute Futon Emerger: Emerger Futon

 Or even the Tungsten Bead Futon Sinker? Bead head Futon

 But something wasn’t quite right, I was getting stuck in a rut. Then it struck me - what are all the cleverest fly fishing kids into these days? Tenkara of course! Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present you with the most genuine Tenkara fly tied in the West, with the wool from a genuine futon mattress, washed in the purest spring water of a Japanese mountain stream, and carded by the teeth of wild salukis. I think I have struck pure marketing gold here, with the: Sakasa Kebari Futon Tenkara Erm... Fly! Tenkara Futon

I knew every penny I spent on that Ryanair Marketing Diploma Course was worthwhile.

 This fly can be yours for only £0.01!!!

 Rib: £0.05 
 Tail: £0.03 
 Hackle: £0.04 
Hook: £2.26

 Total payable for a complete fly: (cough)  £2.39