Saturday, 10 September 2011

Book extract: Bob Wyatt

Via Midcurrent: An interesting take on Catch and Release from Bob Wyatt's forthcoming book (2012) 'The educated trout and other fly-fishing myths'.

I like Bob Wyatt - he cuts us fly fishers and tyers down to size a bit. He knows the real reason some of us like to think of trout as being clever - it is because it makes us seem cleverer if we catch them, or gives us a good excuse if we don't.

He advocates 'suggestive' patterns, rather than attempting a precise imitation (which is clearly an impossible task anyway!)

And talking of his suggestive patterns, I nicked one of his ideas and fished it today - and caught trout with it too. The bit of his pattern I appropriated was to use Snowshoe Hare's Foot as winging material. You can see him tie a pattern using this wing here, (from Hatches Magazine).

Mine didn't float too well - fishing on the waterlogged side of damp! lol But, I was fishing it close enough in to see the fish taking the fly just beneath the surface so I stuck with it to take three fish with it. But not entirely satisfactory. Will be trying it again though.

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