Sunday, 11 September 2011

Back to the flow

After my brief foray to the still water, it was with some relief that yesterday I donned my waders, stepped back in to the fray and went for a stroll up the river. I even remembered to take my fishing rod with me.

I had a surprisingly good couple of hours in the afternoon, given that the water levels were so high. Reasonably clear though. Not much sign of fly life, but there were a few willow fly about, cranking around and depositing their eggs.

I caught on goldhead hare's ear, the snowshoe Hare's emerger that was new pattern to me (as mentioned in last post) and an elk hair emerger pattern I've been playing around with. Here are the first three:

<span class=DSCF1435">

<span class=DSCF1436">

<span class=DSCF1437">

On one stretch though, a good old Sawyer's PTN was picking up fish one after another.

Think I must have made double figures in the end, but hey - who's counting? ;-)

Lost one decent fish though, soon after hooking up, which no one likes to do. I'd guess a pound plus.

Good session though, and a nice bonus - unexpected.

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