Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Landrover

My Landrover by GlassJet
My Landrover, a photo by GlassJet on Flickr.

Parked up on the tops, where I run my salukis.

The trout and the bee

I was in Bakewell, Derbyshire the other day, hanging over the bridge and watching the trout that grow big and fat by the willing hand of curious tourists visiting this busy market town. These pampered fish seem to thrive on a diet of discarded bread, cake and chips and, it would seem after my recent experience, all washed down with the occasional bumble bee.

A trout eating a bumble bee is something I had never previously seen. But it happened, right there, before my very eyes.

The bumble bee came into my line of vision, struggling to escape the surface film. I saw a rainbow trout of a pound or so spot it, approach it hesitantly, hang just beneath it and then take it, but without much conviction. A second later, its hesitancy apparently justified, it spat it.

No sooner had it done this than a much bigger fish saw what happened, darted in scattering the smaller fish and took the bee in a big, positive gulp.

Whether it was just territorially asserting itself to the smaller fish, or bumble bee features as a normal part of its diet, or indeed if it is at all common for a bee to end up in the river in the first place I don't know. It was an entertaining diversion though.