Monday, 18 April 2011

Hatching Midge Pupa

Olive Para Hatching Midge

Here is a fly that first came into my mind as mentioned in the first post of this blog.

A couple of days after writing that post, I was watching a trout energetically feeding at and just below the surface of the river. I was watching for a long time, and afterwards went down for a closer examination of what was causing all the excitement.

It was clearly midge pupa and hatching midge that had got this trout so excited, and I went for a play at the vice to try and knock something up.

As it happens, my hounds play pouncing games in the house, and where there is a join in the carpet, the back of the carpet is starting to stray into strips. I've had my eye on this for a fly tying material for a while now, and this pupal body might just be the perfect use. Such is synchronicity.

This hatching midge is tied on a Dohiku #16, with olive underbody and my shredded carpet overbody. The hackle is a mid dun genetic cock, and bound with 5X tippet monoloop.

I've fished it a few times now and it is proving extremely effective during a midge hatch, inducing quick, positive takes and bringing up fish where none were previously rising. sometimes simple is best.

Going to go smaller with it next, and colours to match, of course. What a stroke of good luck that the hounds have trashed my carpet!

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